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A mortgage refinance involves getting a new loan, which replaces the existing one. Borrowers typically go through the same process as a home purchase loan. Many homeowners take advantage of this option because they are interested in a shorter term, lower interest rate, and extra cash.

Five types of mortgage refinance programs:

  • cash-out refinance is perfect for borrowers who need cash and have equity in their homes.

  • Borrowers who need a regular refinance and have a good financial profile can take advantage of a rate-and-term refinance.

  •  A no-closing-cost refinance helps borrowers who can't afford closing costs but can make higher monthly payments.

  • Don't want an appraisal? A streamlined refinance is great for borrowers with an FHA, VA, or USDA mortgage.

  • cash-in refinance is for borrowers who need to build equity to refinance and can pay a lot of money at once.

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