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California Jumbo Mortgages Tailored to You

A jumbo loan is a mortgage for an amount that exceeds the limits set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Any loan above the conforming loan limits is considered a jumbo mortgage. Borrowers interested in homes that require larger mortgages should have stable income, good credit, and plenty of reserves. Jumbo loans are good for repeat and first-time home buyers who meet the guidelines and can put 20% down.
Be prepared to submit full documentation to apply for a jumbo loan.
Important documents include:
  1. Bank statements: Lenders may ask for several months of bank statements to verify your income and assets.

  2. Tax returns: Expect to provide the last two years of tax returns, including all schedules and forms.

  3. Employment verification: You'll need to provide your current employer's contact information and proof of employment, such as recent pay stubs.

  4. Proof of assets: Lenders may require documentation of other assets, such as investment accounts or real estate holdings.

  5. Credit score: Your credit score is a crucial factor in getting approved for a jumbo loan, so be prepared to have it checked.

  6. Down payment documentation: Jumbo loans usually require a higher down payment than conventional loans, so be ready to provide proof of funds.

  7. Other financial documents: Be prepared to provide any other financial documentation that may be requested, such as a profit and loss statement for self-employed borrowers.

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